In 2021, the Institute of Botany celebrates its centenary, marking hundred years of being at the forefront of research on plant sciences in the country. Currently, the Institute is an internationally recognized scientific institution in plant sciences, plant and fungal diversity research and conservation at various levels, from molecules to ecosystems.

At present, seven departments and three laboratories of the Institute conduct research activities targeting systematics and floristics of vascular plants, geobotany, ecology, mycology, phycology, lichenology, bryology, phytohormonology, cell biology, phytochemistry and other fields.

The Institute houses the unique biological collections: the National Herbarium (KW) (over 2 million specimens of vascular, non-vascular plants and fungi accumulated by several generations of scientists) as well as Mushroom Culture Collection (IBK) and Microalgae Culture Collection (IBASU-A). These collections are officially recognized as Ukraine’s National Heritage units.

The Institute of Botany is a publisher of two scientific journals, Ukrainian Botanical Journal and Algologia.

The Institute offers its research facilities, expertise and scientific cooperation to colleagues nationwide and worldwide.

A centenary of the Institute

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